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Arm & Shoulder Immobilizer Brace

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Arm Sling provides moderate fixation of upper limb, acromioclavicular joint, shoulder and reduction of load on shoulder joint. Arm immobilizer has very important features. You do not have to dress it over the head each time, thereby loading the shoulder and arm, because we use Fastex system. You just push on buckle, lock opens and you can take it off. Another important feature - fixation behind your back. It also use fastex and prevents your hand from hanging out.


  • Rehabilitation period after plaster bandage with immobilization of a thoracic [superior] limb, after injuries and after operations of a shoulder joint, a shoulder, a forearm, a wrist joint, a hand.
  • Hurts, incomplete injuries of shoulder joint ligaments, a shoulder, a forearm, a wrist joint, a hand.
  • Dislocation of a shoulder.

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How to Use

  • Put directly on your body or clothes


Local skin diseases, need for rigid fixation


Polyester - 100%

Washing instructions

Hand wash only. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and air dry away from heat. Don't iron.



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