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Women's Support Stockings Graduated Compression 18-21 mmHg / 140DEN

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Compression stockings with medical prophylactic compression recommended for prevention of varicose veins, treatment of varicose. Creates a mode proper physiological pressure, mostly the bottom of the tibia, which helps with blood circulation, prevents venous stasis and relieves excessive load on the heart. Due to the action of micro-massage, feet are healthy and rested even after a long day. Compression knitwear improves the circulation of interstitial fluid, as a result feet do not swell and "heavy legs" syndrome disappears. This kind of knitwear leads to a narrowing of the vein diameter, it improves performance and has a positive effect on the course of the disease and general health. As a result, wearing of this kind of compression stockings indicated for the prevention of thrombosis, especially in high-risk groups. Also it recommended for functional phlebopathy (complex venous stasis symptoms: pain, heaviness in the calf muscles, tired limbs, a small swelling of distal tibia until the end of the working day in patients without clinical and expressed signs of lesions of the venous system) and lymphostasis. Recommended for people with manifestations of vascular mesh, minor vascular "asterisks" slight heaving of the lower limbs, nocturnal cramps, feeling pain while walking along the venous trunks and general aching feet. Also, compression stockings with recommended for people who are overweight, with a hereditary predisposition to varicose veins, or for people who sitting or standing prolonged at work. Also good for travelers, athletes, pilots and flight attendants, pregnant women and people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

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Washing instructions

Suitable for hand wash only. Wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and let dry. Keep away from heat. Don't iron.


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