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Dorso-lumbar Back Brace & Posture Corrector

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  • Formation of correct posture of kids and adults; indicated for kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, winged scapula.
  • Rehabilitation after injuries and surgery of the thoracic and upper lumbar sections of spine and clavicle.
  • Prevention of progressive spinal curvature and reduction of scoliotic decompensation.
  • Helps with rounded and/or slumped shoulders; Flexible stays help provide added back support

How to Use

  • Put directly on your body or underwear.
  • Fix wide belt at the front with Velcro fastener; take narrow elastic bands forward, brace shoulders, cross at the back and fix with Velcro fastener on the belly; make sure that corset inserts are placed along both sides of spine.
  • Tighten or loose fastener to adjust degree of shoulder rolling. Corset inserts can be removed or bend to adjust body curvature.
  • Corset should be worn for 3-4 hours daily starting from 15-25 minutes on the first day and adding 20 minutes every day for 1 to 1.5 months gradually tightening the straps and straightening the shoulders.
  • Belt is to be worn directly on a body or cotton clothes. It is very comfortable to use daily and is unnoticeable under clothes.

Size Chart

Washing instructions

Hand wash only. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and air dry away from heat. Don't iron.




EAN/UPC: 0027706314279

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