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Legend Elixir for Skin & Hair

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  • The Legend Elixir for Skin and Hair contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that rejuvenates, nourishes and protects the skin and hair from negative environmental factors
  • Makes the skin firmer and more elastic, restores protective lipid barrier
  • Restores dry and damaged hair, prevents dryness after coloring, makes hair more manageable
  • Regulates sebum production on skin and scalp
  • Not tested on animals

How to Use

The Legend Elixir for Skin and Hair consists almost entirely of essential oils, such as oils of evening primrose and ylang-ylang, and plant oils, such as oils of sasanqua camellia, rice bran, Abyssinian seed, arnica, wheat germ, avocado, sweet almond, macadamia nut and jojoba.

These ingredients nourish and protect the skin and hair from negative environmental factors, such as ultraviolet radiation.

The elixir makes the skin firmer and more elastic. The skin becomes rejuvenated, smooth, and more resistant to free radicals. Skin’s protective lipid barrier is regenerated, the keratinization process becomes normalized, and sebum production becomes balanced and regulated. The elixir helps prevent stretch marks.

The components of the elixir speed up the process of rejuvenation of damaged hair, stimulate active hair growth, and prevent seasonal hair thinning, splitting and brittleness. The elixir prevents hair dryness after coloring, improves the condition of thin and damaged hair, and makes hair more manageable and easier to brush.

Face care:

Tap 2-3 drops of the elixir into thoroughly cleansed skin. Once a week use the elixir for facial massage. The elixir can be added to facial masks of other brands.

Hair care:

Apply the elixir 1-2 hours prior to washing the hair to promote growth and prevent end splitting, or leave it in for up to 8-10 hours for more intensive treatment. For additional growth promotion apply to the scalp and massage it for 15 minutes. To alleviate the effect hair coloring add 10 drops of elixir to hair dye. The elixir can also be added to shampoos of other brands.

Body care:

After shower apply the elixir all over body. The elixir can be added to body creams and lotions.

Add 10-15 drops of the elixir to the water while taking and evening bath. Do not wash the elixir off and let it nourish the skin overnight.


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