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Maternity Support Belt - Back, Pelvic, Hip, Abdomen, Sciatica Pain Relief - Pregnancy Brace

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Relieves lower back stress during pregnancy. Prevents formation of abdomen stretch marks, hernias, pelvic organ prolapse. Helps ensure proper fetal positioning. Supports abdomen during pregnancy. Helps to keep good posture and keep active. Can be used as a postpartum abdominal bracing girdle (just turn it back to front)

How to Use

  • Put the brace in prone position. It helps to fix the fetus at the correct height.
  • You should wear bandage not more than 3-4 hours in succession, and wear it not only while resting, but also while walking or exercises.
  • Remove bandage before bedtime.
  • Recommended to dress underwear under the belt


Local skin diseases, need for rigid fixation


Latex - 27%, Polyester - 73%

Washing instructions

Hand wash only. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and air dry away from heat. Don't iron.



EAN/UPC: 729798455921

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