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Advance Walking Forearm Crutches Ergonomic Handle with Comfy Grip

$ 38.50

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  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGNED AND TESTED - Crutches Certified and Tested up to 308 lb Users Weight (EN ISO 11199-1)
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE Height (handle to floor) 30"-39"
  • COMFORTABLE Ergonomic Handle made of bi-injected polymer bring a real comfort for the hand
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY - One Crutch Weight less than 1.15 lb
  • Anti-noise cup; Made in France

How to Use

ORTONYX® Advance Crutch Handle made of bi-injected polypropylene and elastomere, bringing a real comfort for the hand. All our crutches are made of a sturdy aluminium pipe of high quality and height adjustable per clip.

  • Weight: 1.15 lb per crutch
  • Adjustable Height (handle to floor): 30"-39"
  • Max users weight: 308 lb
  • Support angle: 28 degree
  • Fixed handle length: 4"
  • Handle diameter: 1.38"

Crutches tested according to EN ISO 11199-1

SKU: US_HDG200913x2

EAN/UPC: 729798454603

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