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Progress-I Walking Forearm Crutches with Adjustable Arm Support

$ 39.99

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  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGNED AND TESTED - Certified and Tested up to 330 lb users weight and good for adults 5.2" - 7" tall
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE Height (handle to floor) 30"-40"
  • COMFORTABLE Ergonomic handle with adjustable arm support in range 8.5"-11.5"
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY - One Crutch Weight less than 1.15 lb
  • Works great for heavy and tall adults; Anti-noise cup; Made in France

How to Use

ORTONYX® Progress I crutch for tall and heavy-weight adults, the handle adjusts from 22 to 29 cm. This crutch is suitable to adults whose size is comprised between 1.60 and 2.15 m. All our crutches are made of a sturdy aluminium pipe of high quality and height adjustable per clip.

Certified and tested up to 330 lb!

  • Crutch weight: 1.15 lb
  • Max users weight: 330 lb
  • Adjustable crutch height (handle to floor): 30"-40"
  • Adjustable arm support: 8.5"-11.5"
  • Support angle: 28 degree
  • Handle length: 4"
  • Handle diameter: 1.38"

Tested according to EN ISO 11199-1

SKU: USHDG200700x2

EAN/UPC: 729798454092

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